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Where Ancient Wisdom Meets Modern Healing

Incorporating ancient Shamanic practices into your modern life can bring balance and harmony. Learn time-honored techniques such as meditation, journeying, and energy work that you can integrate into your daily routine, fostering ongoing growth and healing.


Teresa Filice

A warm welcome to my website, whether you are at the end of your tether, a little lost on life's journey, or looking to step off the treadmill for a recharge


...then you have arrived at the right place.


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Just wanted to let you know what an amazing experience it has been working on my home and on me, it has been incredible. We had felt completely "stuck" in the house, whatever changes we want to make just didn't seem to happen. We felt that we couldn't progress, and neither could we sell the house when we put it on the market. I thought it might be just bad Feng Shui with the house located in a no through road, but it was stronger than that, I've always had quite an open mind but not with any expectation if that makes sense. You have an amazing gift, it has been a truly profound experience. I can't thank you enough.

N. Holder


Thank you so much for my heavenly Medicine Stone Massage. I totally floated away to a deeper existence. The time felt like there was no time and I was totally relaxed and light when I left you. Some great dreams and enlightenment the following evenings in my sleep, as your work carried on for a few more days. 

I’ll be back for more.

With love 


Thank you so much for today. It was very powerful, thank you for your courage and your gifts. Love and gratitude.

Peaceful Warrior


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