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My Background

After a couple of decades practising Reiki and Reflexology, I found my Shamanic training was the essential piece of knowledge that I needed to enable me to undertake all aspects of energetic medicine work.


It has also empowered me to stay on my path of continual personal development and growth, taking me to places, and achieving goals I would have never of dreamt of in the past.

I am not your ordinary healer; I am a Shaman! I have been trained in the ancient medicine of the Q'ero Indians of Peru. “When the Shaman calls…Spirit answers” I have an amazing team of Spiritual Guides who I work with and give thanks to every day.


The role of the Shaman is to hold light and dark in perfect balance, and I have many tools that help me achieve this, my drum being my favourite.


My Approach

My approach to my healing is to always create a beautiful healing sacred space, whatever has brought you to me it not for me to judge, and I never get involved in your story, your healing journey is yours not mine.

My role as your Shaman is to discover your new path, to guide you when you are lost or unsure, comfort you if you feel you are falling, and help you achieve a beautiful place of balance.

All you need for change to happen is your Intention, once you make this commitment to yourself then Shamanic healing will work wonderfully and quickly.

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