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Magical Moon Water

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

How to make and use Moon Water

"Magic happens when you have clear intention, setting your intention before you start any ritual is letting the universe know what your soul desires."

I have been making Moon water for a few years now. As a Shaman I hold lots of rituals and ceremonies. They are Active Meditations which help you step gently outside of the busy world..... into the sacred.

Making Moon Water is a beautiful ritual, the act of gathering your items is already taking you to a quieter space.

Moon Water has powerful healing energy, because it has absorbed the magnetic energies of the Full Moon, although this ritual can be done at any stage of the Moon cycle, I love to use the Full Moon when the energy is at its strongest.

The magnetised Moon Water will absorb any negativity you have picked up with interactions with other people and unhealthy emotions your body is holding onto. It will re-charge your illumines energy field.

"Grandmother Moon, the beautiful feminine principle, cast your silvery light on my shadows, help me to see what I need to release, what I need to surrender. Help me to let go of all that is no longer serving me, in Love, Peace and Beauty"

I usually make Moon water to drink daily and then Moon water with another specific intention for clearing items such as the healing tools I use.

You can make Moon water for the whole family, if you plan on doing this then every member of your family will have to place their intentions into the crystal, or everyone can make their own one - this is something children would love to make.


  • A glass container, Jar or Bottle

  • A crystal - use your intuition here

  • Flowers

  • Few sticks to create a circle

  • Anything else that your drawn to

  • Prayer to open Sacred Space

  • Find a space in your garden or windowsill.


  • Open Sacred Space - using a prayer, welcome in your guides and the elements - If you would like the one I use please let me know and I will send it to you.

  • Prepare your space on the first day of the full Moon. Use your sticks to create a circle.


  • Select the Crystal you are using and place it in your right hand and set your intention: "With so much gratitude I ask you to absorb the healing energies of Grandmother Moon and open up my healing channels, so that you can clear any blockages that I am holding on to, that are stopping me from.....(Fill in) place the crystal in the bottle, with drinking water.

  • Place your bottle with drinking water in the middle of the circle of sticks.(I would always chose a shaded spot so the the drinking water stays nice and fresh.)

  • Place the flowers around the container and anything else you have been guided to use, use your imagination and make it look beautiful.

  • Face Grandmother Moon and give gratitude in advance for the healing, and gratitude for all your blessings. I usually say "Thank-you, Thank-you, Thank-you Grandmother Moon for my health, my family's health, etc make the list as long as you like.


  • Leave outside for 3 days of the Full Moon. On the 4th day, close sacred space giving gratitude again, clear the space completely.

Use this beautiful sacred water for drinking - I usually sip it every day for 28 days. ONLY USE THIS WATER FOR YOURSELF, unless you have made it with the whole family as it holds YOUR intention.

Notice what you notice as you make and drink your Sacred Moon Water throughout the month.

I hope you will love this ritual as much as I do.

Love and blessings

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1 Comment

Deborah Mendes
Deborah Mendes
Apr 13, 2021

Thank you for the instructions for moon water. I will share out and do this myself and report back!

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