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My Journey to Shamanism

Back in 2013, I was running a busy Reiki and Reflexology clinic. My days were filled with clients seeking relaxation and healing, but over time, I began to notice something. My Reiki clients kept coming back, and while they found it gentle and soothing, they weren't fully healing from their inner pains and traumas.

Reiki is a wonderful therapy, one that I continue to use every day. However, I started to feel limited. It was like I could take my clients to a certain point, but there was a deeper release they were craving, something I couldn't provide with Reiki alone.

The human body has an incredible way of communicating, and I could see it in my clients. Their bodies would sometimes tremble and move, as if they were asking for more, for a way to dig deeper.

That's when I found myself pondering..........

"What do I need to learn to be of better help?"

It's funny how the universe works. When you ask such questions, it starts to conspire in your favor.

One day, a close friend of mine invited me to lunch to meet her friend, who was a Shaman. I had my reservations, thinking of shamans as mystical figures, like the witch doctor in the depths of the forest, surrounded by a sense of mystery and maybe a little intimidation. At the lunch, I listened intently to their stories, but I must admit, I had my doubts. It all seemed a bit dark and far removed from what I was accustomed to in my healing practices.

Time passed, and it felt as though the universe was sending me a message. I started to see the word "Shaman" everywhere I turned. Books fell off shelves, and signs seemed to be pointing me in this direction.

Then came the invitation that changed everything. The Shaman I had met asked me to join them for a Fire Ceremony. I assumed it would be similar to the Reiki shares I had attended and even led in the past.

I couldn't have been more wrong!

That Fire Ceremony was a profound and emotional experience, unlike anything I had ever encountered. It was as though I had finally come home to a part of myself I never knew existed

The Shamans present were the most compassionate and gentle people I'd ever met, despite the preconceived notions I had about their practices. They carried little colorful pouches with rattles attached, and though I didn't quite understand their significance, I knew I wanted one.

My colourful healing bundle called a Mesa

More on this in my next blog

And so, my journey as a Shaman began...

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