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The Fire Keeper - Nina Waqaychaq

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

I began working with the being of Fire 9 years ago, whilst at Shaman School.

My homework every month for the next year was to learn about the energy of this powerful being, respect It and ask permission to work with it.

A big task as I had never built a fire in my life or been around a fire. I didn’t understand my homework, but I knew I just had to get myself out of the way and just get on with it.

I purchased a small fire pit which was actually a small BBQ! collected all the items I needed and hid behind our big garden bush to build my fire.

I stood there looking over my shoulder hoping that the neighbours wouldn’t see or hear me as I rattled quietly and chanted.

Six months later, I started to love making my Fires. I found it a great focusing tool, helping me focus my attention mindfully on the task in hand, this helped me to "get out of my busy head" and step gently into the sacred, that quiet space where alchemy happens. Slowly but surely, I began to understand that Fire was alive, we had formed a powerful and beautiful alliance.

Once I had completed the first year of the Medicine Wheel training. I invited two friends to my first community Fire Ceremony. I was nervous, I cried as I statred to play my drum and call in all my alies - The Masters of Light. I had finally arrived home to my true self. The following Fire Ceremony my two friends invited their friends and so on, now 9 years down the line it has grown hugely and all through word of mouth.

I feel extremely honored to call myself a Fire Keeper. I have spent a long-time building this relationship with the being of Fire, to be in right relationship with Fire so that we become one when we work together so that we can hold a huge healing space for everyone that comes.

Fire is a powerful healing tool because it transforms, combusts, and works very quickly. It still amazes me now how change can happen so quickly.

“Good morning lovely lady, thank you so much for encouraging me to attend last night – I really enjoyed and benefitted from it. I feel a lot lighter today, which I can only attribute to the Fire Ceremony”

“Thank you so much for Fire on Tuesday, it was absolutely magical as always, I am feeling very light this morning with a spring in my step”

“I’m experiencing a freedom and calmness that I’m not used to, it’s very usual for me to feel this way I’m kind of “floating” thank you so much

My invitaion is to you is to come and have this powerful experience. To try a different way of meditation.

"We" look forward to welcoming you around our Fire.

If you would like to hold a powerful Fire Ceremony for your group or Family please contact me.

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