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Unveiling the Mysteries of a Shamanic 'Illumination' Session"

Your Burning Questions Answered!"

The "Illumination" session is not your ordinary healing experience; it's a profound journey that transcends the boundaries of the mind, reaching the very essence of your being.

We delve into the blueprint of your existence at the energetic level, where true transformation begins.

Imagine erasing the imprints that have held you back, that have governed your behavior, nurtured negative emotions, and clung to outdated beliefs.

The "Illumination" process empowers your immune system to rejuvenate your body, granting you the power to heal from within.

These imprints are like energetic seeds buried within your Luminous Energy Field, each intricately linked to a chakra—a vital energy center in your body. They release sticky energy we call "Hoocha" into your central nervous system, affecting every aspect of your emotional and physical life.

Let's break it down:

  • The imprint is the source.

  • The Chakra is the pipeline.

  • The Nervous System is the distribution network

In each session, your shaman focuses on one chakra, where the imprint is concealed. Clearing this chakra sets in motion a profound ripple effect, as all the other chakras harmoniously clear simultaneously.

This transformation transmutes the weight of heavy emotions, often tied to trauma and disease, into revitalizing life energy. The "Illumination" process acts like a combustion chamber for the trapped energies, transforming them into pure, radiant light. Thus the name given to this session The "illumination"

Now, here's where your journey begins.

We open Sacred Space and surround ourselves with the love and guidance of our guides, ancestors and the elemental beings. This prayer alone raises your vibration preparing your body for the healing work to begin. You are then invited to chose a medicine stone from my mesa (that you see in the picture)

"Why have you come to see me?"—It's the first question I'll ask.

Sometimes, clients arrive without fully understanding why, but they sense a deep need to shift stagnant energy. These individuals often carry karmic ancestral stories that need resolution for the sake of their entire family's well-being.

In a brief consultation, I'll trace the energetic threads of trauma within your body. Your answers to my questions become the keys that unlock where these imprints are stored. Some traumas may be so deeply hidden within your cells that you may have forgotten they ever happened. But your body, guided by Spirit, will reveal their location, and I will gently help transform them into light.

After the consultation, your invited to lie down on the couch, setting your intention to "let go." Give yourself permission to release what's been holding you back from being your true self, from returning to your natural state of being.

We start by connecting with the breath; your breath will regulate the combustion process in the chakra we're addressing. You'll feel the energy's release, perhaps through bodily movements or temperature shifts. It's all part of the energies around the imprint being combusted and expelled.

Throughout the session, you're in control, and able to communicate. The deep breathing relaxes your critical mind, allowing direct access to your subconscious, your inner garden. Once all the clearing work has been done its time to retrieve some spiritual gifts.

A Soul retrivel may follow - this is a part of your "sparkle" energy that may have laid dormant due to a trauma. A power animal and other gifts may also be retrieved.

Your chakra will then be bathed in illuminating light, a golden healing radiance from the Sun beyond the Sun the place of your becoming...the place of pure energy from where we all originate from. As the clearing work concludes, you'll enter a profound state of relaxation, feeling still and at peace. Your body will recalibrate and the spiritual gifts will start to anchor in your energy field.

You will be invited to work with your spiritual gifts for the next 28 days to really anchor in the work we have done in the session and get the best possible results.

After a session, clients often share feelings of tranquility, inner peace, and an overwhelming sense of love.

Testimonials from clients:

Thanks to you I’m feeling ... can’t quite describe what, or where I’m going! But it’s liberating and full of wonder. From feeling the rest of my life would be just more of the same, I now sense change and possibilities ahead.”

“I must say I am feeling much brighter and waking up with a different attitude. I am calmer”

Thank you so much for this. I am so looking forward to practicing my homework, it’s so exciting!”

“Whilst I was having my final Radiotherapy session today, I had my eyes shut but saw pink, then the name “Stella” came to me....I think it’s her name! I can’t think why that word/name should have come to mind otherwise and now I can’t stop saying it! Apparently, it means Star of the Water. I love water (sea, rivers, ponds lakes etc).”


Please leave a comment below or any questions you may have.

All consultations are free...You only show up for healing when the time is right for you.

With love and blessings

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