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The Soul Midwife

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

Our Physical Body returns to the Earth

Our Wisdom to the Mountains

Our Soul to the Stars

Death is our ultimate journey home, whatever your religious beliefs are, it is a time of liberation, a time when it is important to lay to rest and resolve if possible, any unfinished business, heal any family rifts and leave a peaceful memory behind.

Many ancient teachings have maps that show the way home, back to the stars, to heaven. During my training in the East of the Medicine Wheel I was taught this map.

The East of the Medicine Wheel opened my eyes to the energetic world around me, the world of Spirit, and so much more than I was aware of before. Death has never been a subject of discussion in my family, I didn't learn anything at school, neither had I ever seen a deceased person, this work was a little frightening to say the least.

During my training I also experienced mini deaths – this is when my energy field was lifted carefully, and the chakras opened, releasing the magnetic field. The experience was mind-blowing, peaceful and life changing for me. I learnt not to fear death for I had experienced it!

As with all my Shamanic training as soon as I had completed the East direction, the work was already waiting for me. I received a call from my client’s mum informing me that it was time for her daughter to fly home and that she had requested me by her side.

Although I was honoured by this, I was also a little frightened, as I had never attended a real person passing, I needed more training, I wasn’t sure I had all the right tools…. etc etc

With my amazing teachers on the end of the phone for encouragement and support, I stepped into the role that I had just been training for and that was waiting for me.

The Soul Midwife.

There are 4 steps to The Death Rites

1. Brief life review, what needs forgiving or forgiveness, this sometimes is done before hand if I have been working with my client before their final days.

2. All the Chakras are cleared of any toxic energy accumulated through the client’s lifetime. This allows the illuminous energetic body to fly home and stops it becoming earthbound.

3. Everyone present gives their permission “It is ok to go home now, we will be ok, go with our love and blessings, all is forgiven We Love you”

4. The Rites are performed once the person has taken their last breath. Although This can be done at a later date too if you feel that you haven’t let go or sense the deceased is still around.

This is beautiful, extremely healing work to do, not only to help the client pass peacefully but also for the family that is left behind.

When the family is ready an Aya Despacho ceremony is performed to honour the passing and help with the grieving process.

Aya Despacho is a living prayer that everyone present is involved in creating. This ceremony is created to assist the deceased on their journey home. The participants create a rainbow bridge to signify the crossing over, small items of food and flowers are all placed inside this Mandala like prayer. It’s a celebration of life, bringing energetic closure to a life just lived.

Being a Soul Midwife is another of the many role that I deeply love about my work. It also helps me to live my best life, do my personal healing work, so that when It’s time for me to fly home I will do just that…Fly home on the wings of Condor back to the place of my ancestors.

If you are interested to learn more or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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